A Few Words About Stromssolutions


We are mobile & web solution Provider Company. We are owned by Norwegian businessmen.

We create Mobile & web applications that are device independent, platform independent and can be assessable from around the globe. We make application as simple as website for your company to as complicated as your customized ERP solution. We make application that are secured and give great user experience for the end users. We use the latest development tools to provide our customers with the application that are smart simple and special for the needs of their businesses. We don’t want your business to adapt to our application we create applications that adapt your business and help you remove the bottlenecks by streamlining the process. To achieve all this we follow very simple rule.

Before coming out with a solution for your business process, we make sure we listen to your needs and understand the functionality of your business process. After we have understood we crosscheck the understanding about the process. After this is done we sit together and decide on the best formulae for your requirement. And then we work on it and eventually deliver a quality solution for your need.

Who We are

Owned by Norwegian Businessmen we are based in Mohali India. We are a Private Limited Company register under Indian Companies act 1956. we are a Global web development company serving clients in Europe, US, Singapore, Denmark, Canada, UAE, Dubai, Australia. At Storm Solution our aim is to provide our customers with world class products that will help

Our Process

WE Listen

We are patient listeners. When approached for a project we first pay attention to what our customers have to say. We feel it is important to completely get the views of our customers on the needs of theirs.

WE Understand

With the inputs provided by our customer and our experience in the industry we understand the need and try & find suitable solutions

WE Compare

After the solution has been devised we compare the solution to the requirement that you came up with to fully ensure that the solution is the best possible outcome for your requirement.

WE Deliver

After all the testing and standard checks are done the solution is deployed into your business process. We ensure that the solution deployment is done in the easiest possibly way without interrupting your normal business at the same time enhancing the productivity through the use of this solution.

Our Culture

We believe that the culture of a company is made by its employees. When seeking people for a job vacancy we ensure we hire people who are smart and determined. In Storm solutions we encourage everyone to feel comfortable and feel free to share the ideas and opinions. We are firm believers of free flow communication system. Our policies are transparent and we prefer ability over experience. When Creating solutions for our Customer we make sure the solution we provide are focused entirely on the user, we believe that this approach enhances user experiance and thus directly helping our customer's productivity in a positive way. When providing solution for our customer we also focus on the speed at which the end result is achieved, we believe it is extremely important to provide solutions that are accurate reliable and fast.